Active support in international business development, new business and the development of new markets.

AFRECI is much more the practice-oriented advisory partner at the side and the thing with implementation-oriented concepts than the forgiving consultant or instructor. Project work has to be translated into tangibly measurable economically meaningful successes in the markets. AFRECI does not focus on individual topics or parts, but rather focuses on synergies, multi-functionality, flexibility and a holistic approach. Of course, individual topics can also be treated in detail. Only with a complete overview can better economic interactions and results be achieved.

STRATEGY Consulting

Together with the partners, AFRECI is developing a detailed plan to open up new markets through concrete projects in the respective countries or investment destinations with real prospects for a future economic. In the run-up to the project work, opportunities and risks in relevant countries and markets are analyzed and measures developed to actively control and minimize these risks in the project.


Are you planning to sell your products or services in new markets? To open up new national markets or actively participate in globalization? We identify relevant markets and customer segments within AFRECI projects, help with local network partners in negotiations with local partners, and help to win contracts from public institutions, unless AFRECI already has these projects development orders! Here the strategic partnership with AFRECI is a decisive advantage. So that you can quickly sell quality products in interesting countries where AFRECI projects are desired and planned. This will save expensive market development costs and make it easier to get started over an existing network and generate orders directly via AFRECI!


AFRECI already maintains a long-term network of public institutions as well as long-standing contacts with private financial investors and companies in this sector, globally. This opens up new horizons for project financing for states and municipalities, but also for larger projects of private investors with new financial structures, coalitions and AFRECI's own innovative financing and participation models.

AFRECI also develops its own projects and also goes the way to invest in meaningful sustainable projects themselves, if these projects are particularly convincing. AFRECI is working together with the partners on the development of financing structures, financial concepts and implementation in the project!

We are happy to train and coach partners directly in the various topics!

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