True to the AFRECI / EURECI motto


AFRECI as partner and general contractor is pleased to support regions, cities and municipalities as well as entire countries or states with a conceptual own program management for the integrated implementation of demand-oriented solutions. With a network of experts and strategic partners for cities and communities or regions, AFRECI is a reliable partner in the design, planning, provision and implementation of the necessary measures in the complex or even the individual components.

AFRECI communal is a consistent focus of the sector within the AFRECI structure. Together with the partners of the AFRECI / EURECI network, AFRECI offers a broad and comprehensive product range of holistic consulting and development services for municipalities and municipal companies from a single source. These holistic solutions are tailored specifically to needs and characteristics, are integrable, economical and geared to the future. Specifically, the range of services includes municipal development, urban development, regional development, strategy and policy advice and other municipal issues such as separate urban and municipal developments, economic development with new settlement concepts, tourism development and much more. AFRECI also interlinks between these topics with new specific solutions, meaningful links between economic aspects and an interdisciplinary approach. Above all, AFRECI seeks to find, develop, develop and implement new finance and finance solutions.


AFRECI stands for new ways and solutions with innovative, clever advice in the "public sector" and fully understands the need for municipal action in the entire process chain for the positive development of a municipality, city or region.

The objective here is to initiate and implement attractive projects in the economic, tourism and urban development of the municipality, the city or the region for a sustainable future.

We also know how to break up old, encrusted structures and to develop our own new way into the future.

The AFRECI / EURECI structures and partners will create practice-oriented workable solutions.

AFRECI works non-partisan, global and opens new horizons for municipalities, cities and regions in terms of economic and urban development through strategic support in the results-oriented implementation of important projects, which we also initiate and implement!

AFRECI speakable as a project developer and companion in complex decision-making situations, conveys interests of the various decision-making levels in administration, politics and investors. AFRECI also has an global investor pool for economic meanfully community projects to shape PPP funding and other economic financing models.

AFRECI is happy to assist with advice and development of workable solutions and intelligent decision-making on local issues and issues. Help with self-help through coaching and training is also possible with AFRECI!

Contact AFRECI / EURECI directly, we create solutions for your problems!  


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