The human stays in the front focus by  AFRECI ! It is important to develop and implement practical and rapidly implementable solutions for the most urgent problems of our society and the earth. 

                                                Debating is not enough! 

This is the primary goal of  AFRECI SMART CITY ! Ultimately, to secure the survival of society and humanity on a lasting basis! We have the further development ourselves in hand!


The AFRECI SMART CITY project plans globally a completely new kind of interdisciplinary and transnational technology center, which will be unique in this type and form. Further expansion is planned in further locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. 
The focus is on innovative and integrated urban planning as well as new technologies in the field of renewable energies, environmental technology, transport and transport, but also at the same time living, researching and producing at a modularly expandable central location, based on completely new concepts, Technologies.

In addition, these modular neighborhoods, districts or even cells, which contain new energy supply systems and all other systems of a complete modern infrastructure and housing culture, are also to be individually projected and transferred to new urban development projects and also to older urban construction substances Can be. 
Also on the development of rural areas. An exportability of these modular solutions will be a decisive criterion.

The goal is to develop an economic, marketable and exportable overall concept of a SMART CITY that allows individual marketing of individual modules of this concept, tailored to the needs of global users.

In order to achieve these objectives, AFRECI strives for close co-operation with international universities and research teams of universities, institutes and technology centers, technology clusters and industrial companies, in order to create meaningful economic synergies.
This concept would create a new comprehensive commercial international network that would give the partners involved a decisive technological advantage in order to be able to survive on the world market, thereby generating a considerable export potential.

In addition, new innovations and technologies can be used to develop new economic impulses for entire regions, which generate jobs and employment, as well as provide a sustainable energy supply with security of supply. 
Attractive living conditions for young families and tourist topics are just as much a core theme as health care and cultural offers!
Optimal results can only be achieved in the future by an intelligent symbiosis of research + development, production and modern, healthy living with short distances in all relevant areas.

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