AFRECI SMART CITY create and develop intelligent solutions for the future of AFRICA!

AFRECI is a new, innovative global SMART CITY project to build a african research & development network and centers for sustainable  SMART CITIES ! 

Research and development with a completely new quality and new intelligent holistic approach and thinking.

Research institutions as well as individual developers, colleges and universities, existing technology clusters and industrial companies, which are the subjects of new innovative technologies in SMART CITY TOPICS , renewable energies, environmental and transport technologies, as well as technologies in the field of new energy-efficient buildings in the construction industry and finally those businesses wanting to compete in modern urban planning, shall find a central location in AFRICA, which best suits the framework and networks for modern research and healthy living and offers efficient production. Making short fast routes for decisions possible and ensuring rapid implementation of such technologies.


A corresponding always expanding international network will also improve the overall conditions in own dynamic!

Africa is now the continent with the fastest urbanization, and its annual rate of urban growth is twice the world average (3.6%).
By 2030, nearly one billion Africans will live in urban areas, and the continent is expected to reach 2 billion by 2050, according to the World Bank.


The background of the  AFRECI - project is, that it's still very difficult for individual developers and small-and medium-sized businesses in Africa to implement innovative ideas and technologies in a manageable time and on budget with positive positioning. AFRECI with a whole series of technical innovations could realize quite fundamental changes in the african Smart City and energy market and thus have real economic solutions implemented in manageable periods. The need for this is more than great and very urgent for all african countries!

The future concept of  AFRECI SMART CITY includes not only economic and ecological strategies but also a socially sustainable strategy. Comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach in all areas of life and society will be, above all, providing safe habitats for future families and their children. Also, issues of energy and environmental education are considered.       

The education and our children are the guarantee for a successfully african future!


Several african countries is working with new programs adopted in year 2017 which include very high goals for climate and energy policy. They are not only consistent, accessible and above all quick to rethink but include a series of targeted measures which are  capable of compromise. SMART CITY projects and technical innovations in the field of renewable energies and environmental technology are to play key role.

The AFRECI SMART CITY  project has set itself the goal with the help of a newly build networks of global partners, such innovations by new intelligent concepts in a short time. Our experience bring us anytimes one more step forward!

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