The african and european research and development fields in the area of ​​renewable energies, environmental technologies, and transportation is set up quite well quantitatively and qualitatively, and there are a number of university and non-university research institutions, which deal with the various subjects.

In Africa and Europe we have an excellent interdisciplinary structure of a globally unique density with a very wide spectrum of academic and research-based production companies. These structures which traditionally grown over centuries and are long-standing links, but are in a new interdisciplinary  cooperation between industry, research and development, municipalities and organizations and even among companies focused not optimal and considerable resources remain untapped! We will also built bridges between african and european universities and research centers with the new AFRECI research concepts.

The AFRECI project would like not to send such idea carriers or companies, including new technology, in the desert, but also create new commercial routes to a better framework for these resources in new structures to bind here in Africa and use it.

Many institutes and research facilities are concentrated in most cases solely on their own research, could being achieved at the possible cooperation with african and european colleagues, the same branch partners quicker actionable results, thereby resulting savings funds further away leading research role of the participants would benefit.
AFRECI is interested in optimizing a number of conceptual action and intelligent solutions, research and more economical.

The improvement of known energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass plants, etc., or current topics such as hydrogen and fuel cell, etc. Here most of the funds to complete.

The efficiency of such research is both very impressive, on the other hand, solve the research and development, exploring not just the really pressing problems for base-load and / or area-wide decentralized alternative energy sources that produce alternative with a calculable economic price-performance ratio clean and affordable energy!

Besides wind energy, solar energy and biomass etc. There are also technologies of researchers and developers who are forced by this very strong and well - funktioning     research and development apparatus to the brink of attention! Valuable practical knowledge and valuable technologies and developments that could be revolutionary, if you look at such subjects as science, just take the chance and the research also intensified!

AFRECI would develop in the future of appropriate scientific integration programs.

Countless examples of the past, we humans have to keep reminding ourselves of the bitter experience, very progressive, forward thinking non-scientists and developers have given timely faith and respect for what the entire human race then in the episode, usually paid with a very heavy toll. There are countless examples from medicine, physics and other sciences, it was Galileo and Darwin and other scientists who changed our world largely through targeted research and hard scientific work, although at first gave them the science, and leading faculty, no faith ! This basic principle of human ignorance and skeptic society has to keep the current century, unfortunately, can, albeit in modern form.

It is time to start a new interdisciplinary "African Smart City and Energy Center", a research-, living- and production- center as a central point of a new african network in smart city-, energy- and other green technologies.

AFRECI focused on the future life with sustainable alternative energy and a new environmental consciousness for more security, climate protection and conservation of our natural habitats.

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