The focus of the  AFRECI project are new, complex technology solutions, innovative technologies in the areas of energy, energy efficiency, transport and a host of other disciplines, much of which are already out of the R + D out and timely means of establishing production be implemented at a central location  "AFRECI".

Therefore it is planned about 30 to 40 new selected companies with innovative projects and products that have a very high degree of innovation, annually to settle at the location   AFRECI.  AFRECI have a capacity of 180 companies and more! Corresponding potential, innovative companies, projects to be sufficient not only africanwide but also internationally available and appropriate enabling environment and effective means of enabling a corresponding high-quality clustering at the site  AFRECI!

These highly attractive conditions at the site to be created, which produces high-quality addition to a targeted clustering also the respect and connection to international markets, international firms and research institutes and universities and colleges! About this specific clustering addition, a multi-and interdisciplinary work is sought within the structures of   AFRECI and encouraged! A number of these projects are already AFRECI before and await implementation.

AFRECI it goes especially well with a new apperceptive thinking about a new culture of better making a new quality to started! The only way change can be done!

AFRECI, as a complex institution, is divided geographically into 3 different main sections:


The structure of the center of  AFRECI includes an exciting avenue for tourists, consumers and persons who are interested in latest sustainable technologies in energy, transport and environment. These have the ability to provide on-site actively contribute about energy policy, is simply about current opportunities and emerging technologies on "green energy", energy prices, etc. to inform or appropriate sustainable products of the solar clock, on the latest automotive technology, electric bikes purchase up to energy efficiency homes or latest major modern power plant technology for sale or to place orders. It is also possible on the ground, get pricing information on "green power" to change their electricity supplier contracts or to lay the first foundations to generate green power itself with the latest technology and to bring own produced energy into the energy net.

At the site  AFRECI - CORE a number of architecturally unique buildings worldwide to be placed, which will provide as tourist attractions for an internationally presentable and sensational image based on the latest technologies. This is not about building new glass palaces, but rather a perfect combination of attractive appeal throughout the environment, modern, healthy housing construction and equipped with latest technology based on the latest findings!
These buildings are home to international campus, a new R & D center with attached convention center, hotels, restaurants, cafe's, a permanent exhibition as an international showcase for the latest innovations and a key B2B Centre as an international trading center for sustainable technologies and complete solutions in the area of ​​"green tech"!

A number of cultural and social institutions is also at the heart of the project AFRECI find a permanent place.


AFRECI - INDUSTRY is a completely new type of industrial park, but not a empty real estate project, more a smart city integrated microcosmos with intelligent and life structures within the individual locations and their arrangement in the entire complex. There are not only innovative companies will be located at a site of clustering, but also interact with each other resulting further potentials of the existing Research + Development structures on the ground to develop and exploit economically. Sun win-win-win situations are inevitable!

On the subject of production, but also the latest process technologies, logistics systems are used, etc. and of course, the first locally developed technologies and locally at the site AFRECI are used to the innovation engine of AFRECI itself to fire with their own dynamics. The short distances to the other sections of AFRECI here make for a relatively rapid economic of the individual projects and the overall construct AFRECI and rapid access to international markets.


AFRECI - LIVING includes a well-structured residential area, which takes into account all the important aspects of the future on healthy and self-sufficient living in a green, environmentally-friendly and family-friendly space. Here are a number of new scientific knowledge about living in the future and will be incorporated by using the latest technologies implemented locally.

A special value AFRECI played here on the consideration and resolution of current problems in the areas of urban planning, urban design, in conjunction with modular acute local problems! Interdisciplinary solutions are applied and reflect current social issues.

The interdisziplinary project  AFRECI various themes merge seamlessly into each well and the above mentioned 3 main sections are connected by modern intelligent infrastructure systems and networks, so that here we can expect a completely new quality in all the important areas of research and production through the practical application of modern technology! AFRECI but also brings together tourism promotion and a range of other social and community issues with innovation, technology, energy, environment and mobility under a one roof, on one location, to further intelligent, interdisciplinary solutions to develop and implement for a permanent dynamic and positive economic development.

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