- SOLUTIONS -

There is a lot of talk these days but gives not enough real action!

AFRECI's goal is to create and use an ACTION PLAN to develop targeted, effective measures to sustainably integrate and implement these measures in specific global projects.

It is all about sending out new global impulses in order to solve global acute problems, such as new ways of thinking, innovations and new ways, with concrete major changes, ie new ways in both project development and project implementation.

Unfortunately, there are also many plagiarists, gamblers and freeloaders on the way, who want to save the earth to take advantage of the hour to profile themselves as quickly as possible economically and socially. These contemporaries and supposed experts are the real disaster for the urgently needed global changes!

It is not about the political framework of governments and their recommendations! It is about concrete measures and projects, measures which, with a broad spectrum and holistic approach, can bring about globally noticeable improvements in the individual areas of our life and our society globally. It is about solving problems without getting lost in the "small-small" or "blind actionism"!

Concrete innovative projects based on new ways of thinking and innovative technologies can solve these acute problems!

Now, really now, targeted major global action and sustainable projects are needed in many areas to achieve a sustainable impact!

AFRECI develops in different directions but always mutidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in the orientation with a holistic approach!

  •  New clean large power plants (1.5 GW to 2.2 GW) that can be used both as well as as a replacement (alternative) of nuclear power plants or NPPs with adequate capacities at appropriate locations!
  •  innovative energy technologies for decentralized energy supply
  •  new mobility concepts
  •  Complete solutions urbanization, smart city, smart region, with a holistic approach special new project development solutions!
  •  New water management concepts aligned nationally and globally oriented.
  •  Flood protection concepts, relocation strategies and solutions
  •  new national forest conservation and protect concepts

In some areas, solutions are already available and conceptualized on the basis of existing award-winning technological solutions. At some points in some areas there is still a need for research and development to complete applicable solutions! All in all, however, the implementation of these concepts can significantly improve the situation over the next few years in order to lend global support to climate protection with concrete projects!

It is existentially about the future!

Support us in the implementation of our ambitious global goals!


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